HiTRUST ACS is certified and approved by

HiTRUST ACS software features

  • ● Support multiple authentication methods;
  • ● Support numerous card enrolment solutions ready to use;
  • ● Support cardholder, BIN or card range level configurations as per issuer request;
  • ● High-level performance and durability;
  • ● Provide important security features for data and user access protection, including HSM based database encryption;
  • ● Include online ACS admin tool to follow operations online, on transactions, cardholders, users;
  • ● Provide multiple built-in convenience features like rules, numerous standard and customised reports;
  • ● Support multi-language options for authentication and for ACS admin tool;
  • ● Easy installation and maintenance;
  • ● Support of well-known HSM brands.

Card enrolment options

  • ● ACS admin, an online interface for card enrolment and “live” transaction activity;
  • ● Batch file enrolment via SFTP, for mass card enrolment;
  • ● Online enrolment, directly from online bank to HiTRUST;
  • ● Dedicated bank branded cardholder enrolment site

Authentication options

  • ● SMS OTP, standard one time password for payment authentication;
  • ● HiTRUSTID, a mobile app for payment and for web-bank authentication;
  • ● National BankIDs, such Danish NemID, Swedish BankID, Finnish Tupas etc;
  • ● Hardware tokens, display cards etc;
  • ● Biometric solutions, such as facial recognition etc;
  • ● Risk based authentication, using risk rules and fraud scoring engine;
  • ● Custom solutions as per issuer request.

HiTRUST hosted ACS package options ready-to-use

  • ● SMS OTP solution with various setup options;
  • ● Redirection API, redirecting to bank for authentication;
  • ● Background Authentication API, for full data control;
  • ● De-enrolment solution, when card data is limited.