HiTRUSTacs is certified and approved by

Visa Secure

Mastercard Identity Check

American Express SafeKey

JCB J/Secure


Discover/Diners ProtectBuy

HiTRUSTacs Features

• Support multiple authentication methods (e.g., OTP, biometric, RBA);

• Streamlined card enrollment process for immediate use by issuer;

• High-level of performance and durability;

• Real-time multi-layered fraud detect system with AI techniques to reduce fraud;

• Admin system to manage user permissions, monitor operational performance, and look into transaction details;

• A variety of built-in convenience functions, including but not limited to rules setting and custom reports;

• Support newly released functions of the card schemes (e.g., Visa DAF);

• Support multilingual options in both authentication process and HiTRUSTacs admin system;

• Support both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

Multiple Authentication Methods

• Risk-based authentication powered by HiTRUST Veri-id, an advanced fraud detect system that combines AI models, expert rules and blacklists/whitelists, to enhance the application of frictionless user experience;

• OTP through SMS or email;

• Biometric through Out-of-band (OOB) authentication, including but not limited to Face ID, Touch ID;

HiTRUSTacs Cloud Service Ready-to-use

• HiTRUSTacs has been certified by EMVCo, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, CUP, AE and Discover;

• Compliance with international regulations and standards (e.g., PCI-DSS, PCI 3DS);

• Support 3DS 1.0.2, EMV 3DS 2.1 and 2.2 version protocols;

• Support newly released functions of the card schemes (e.g., Visa DAF);

• Ready for direct integration with your card system through a simple API;

• Dedicated and experienced technical team for fast onboarding;

• 24/7 customer support.