Corporate information


Founded in 2000, HiTRUST.COM(HK) is one of main subsidiaries of HiTRUST Group and mainly provides services to customers in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other global nations. HiTRUST Group founded in 1998 years, Since the foundation of HiTRUST, HiTRUST becomes the most trusted partner of secured e-commerce. The secure e-commerce services of HiTRUST include “Enterprise E-finance Application System”, “Consumer E-Finance Application System”, “E-Commerce platform” , “Payment gateway Service” and “Network Security Certification System”.

The EMV organization officially announced the 3D Secure 2.0 specification in October 2016. HiTRUST is the one of few leading companies to pass certification and launch 3DS v2.0 solutions and services in the world. In fact, several years ago, HiTRUST has been one of leading companies to provide 3DS v1.0 version solutions and services (including "HiTRUSTacs Credit Card Security Verification System v1.0" for issuer banks and the "HiTRUSTmpi Merchant 3D Verification System v1.0" for the acquiring banks) and adapted by main banks in Greater China area. HiTRUST continues to invest in R&D to successfully launch "HiTRUSTacs Credit Card Security Verification System 2.0" and "HiTRUST3DSsvr Merchant 3D Verification System 2.0 (including HiTRUST3DS SDK 2.0)" to meet the urgent needs of issuer banks and acquiring banks, respectively.
The business philosophy of HiTRUST is professional quality, international vision, leading innovation, win-win strategy, and sustainable vision:
  • • Be professional , focus on secured e-commerce and payment solutions and services.
  • • Based on success in Greater China, expanding to international market.
  • • Leading innovator with strong and talented R&D team.
  • • Win-Win strategy, all customers are HiTRUST’s partners.
  • • Sustainable vision, lasting success.